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Luv(sic) Part 5 – nujabes featuring Shing02 | tribe | Out Now 12/12/12

Luv(sic) Part 5 – nujabes featuring Shing02 | tribe.

Oddly I was quite annoyed with the factor that there is clipping in the mix by Hiroto (not sure much is saveable as the instrumental on it’s own clips often enough), so expect a version that I will have on soundcloud temporarily later today with fixed levels

Looks like Hydeout(Pro.)-Tribe is about release Luv(sic) Part 5 with Nujabes productions rather then Jumpster and Shing02’s so I would be that it’s much more realistic to the rest of the Luv(sic) series.  I guess that also means I’ll need to update my mix of Luv(sic) 0-5.  Also exciting to hear that all of the instrumentals will be preformed by Uyama Hiroto and that he also mixed and mastered the tracks.  The Vinyl version, which I am currently debating ordering, is released on 12/26/12 and the digital version is to be release on 12/12/12.   Also apparently in the works is the Grand Finale, which is hinted to be released early next year.

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