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Haruka Nakamura – Melodica Update w/Release Date


So it looks like Haruka Nakamura’s new album Melodica will release on the 6th of September and I can’t be more excited about the vibes coming from the guitar work and texturing that will be on this album.  I do also enjoy that the cover must be another one of FJD’s great pieces of art as I hope another poster releases with this album.  The album appears to be about $25 usd like most cd pressings from Japan and expect a bit extra for shipping if they do international sales of it.  Equally interesting is the featuring of Nujabes in two of the tracks on it, one being Lamp which I wonder if it is a remix or a remake of this song:

Or it might be something entirely new like the last song on the album featuring Nujabes – ‘lets go’.  There also seems to be a fair share of other featured artists like Cise Starr, Araki Shin, Substantial, Pace Rock, and even an acoustic version of Shing02’s Luv (Sic) pt. 2.  At this point I am going to miss that Janis Crunch is not on the album, but I guess we will have to wait to hear if she is backing a track.

tracklist as follows:
1. Lamp feat. Nujabes
3. soar feat. Substantial
4. days
5. the sun feat. Cise Starr
6. MELODICA feat. ARAKI Shin
7. enzo
8. Luv(sic)pt2 – Acoustica – feat. Shing02
9. delight
10. fragrance like home feat. Pase Rock
11. SUNSET LINE feat. Uyama Hiroto
12. let go feat. Nujabes

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