Rekapping the best of Triphop

The Hai: 2013 Sampler – Released!

The Hai is releasing a sampler featuring a variety of The Hai’s outstanding artists including: myself (Rekapper), mattir, Stratosfear, Blingley, Kent Daleng, Flying Batteries, A Problem Like Maria, Viktor Disque, and Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack.

With a wide assortment of genres from jazzy pop tunes to liquid drum and bass to dance music with a touch of electronics influence all the way to a nice rocking tune and a disco house track that this release must have something for everyone to enjoy on especially with it being at no cost other then the request itself to support all of our artists!

A link will be available to download and stream the album from our Bandcamp:

PS: Expect a new Rekapper release that is more expanded genre wise soon in the future, and don’t forget to checkout my studio website if you are a musician or and artists or a band and see what I can offer you at Rekapper Studios @

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