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Haruka Nakamura: Melodica: New Song Uploads 9-9-2013

With the release of the new album Melodica, obviously uploads of youtube would occur from Bob or a few other guys, here are some examples.

Ultimately there is a bigger feel of the hiphop beats than there is the ambient textural beautiful mess that Haruka was creating before which has lead the album to be quite well receiving mixed reviews. It is apparent the influence of Hydeout Productions behind this album and even possibly Nujabes, Tribe, Substantial, Uyama Hiroto, and Pase Rock and as a result if you were wanting the less melodic and textural album focused around the rapping and production quality this one is for you, but as a whole the album doesn’t feel like any of the previous Haruka Nakamura albums such as Afterglow, Grace, 12&1 Song, or Twilight. But guessing based around this work I would expect that Haruka Nakamura’s next album would focus around the idea of more ambient light guitar work and texture, and possibly still have one or two more hiphop oriented tracks, but I could be wrong.

PS: Still waiting Uyama Hiroto’s next album, but from my understanding from his twitter from about a year ago, that he had lost one of his hard drives with some of the music he was working on, so who knows how far out that album is other then that sax player himself.

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