Rekapping the best of Triphop

New Song from Uyama Hiroto – Waltz for Life ~song for children~

Uyama Hiroto released two new songs, the first called “Waltz for Life ~song for children~” being on bandcamp through Roph Recordings

The First track supposedly being the follow up to Waltz for Life Will Born

And the Second track/side being Vinyl only called “After the Dream” up on the Hydeout-Tribe site

Roph Recordings seems to be the combination of Segawa Tatsuya (Deeptuber) who has been tied to hydeout before for various projects but really only has one song out and possibly a few DJ Mixtapes done for USEN

along with Uyama Hiroto and Koizumi Takumi (who did the house edit of Uyama Hiroto’s Homeward Journey (shown below)) (and also is known as HydeoutPro on twitter).

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