Rekapping the best of Triphop

9th song for the next Rekapper album has been complete

9th song for my next album I just finished up with, hoping to release that album quite soon, at least before the next hard drive I have fails.  On the other hand this is a more ambient jazz piece then the usual house oriented material, mostly due to the combination of using AAX 64bit plugins in Pro Tools 11 and simply not using Reason in the mix at all now.  It also helps that I have a snare drum that I have been working with as apparent from my last mix, posted below.  Other news about the album will be coming here soon, but expect a gradual release for the album in the sense that it will be on bandcamp paid album first then most digital distributors, then CD, then last probably a week later, a free mp3 96kbps (low quality) version of a few songs release.  Otherwise, the current grounds are working on fixing up some mixing projects I have on hand for other artists, a recording project with a snare drum, and a few mastering projects, so quite busy overall.


Latest Rekapper Mixtape: [WARNING, GRAPHIC LANGUAGE from tape cuts]

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