Rekapping the best of Triphop

New Album Called ‘Rekapping’ to be released on Feb. 7

Rekapping the next Rekapper album is going to be released on February 7th, while it includes greats like Tripcrop, it also includes more dramatic music and even tripper combinations of waves of sound.


  1. Tripcrop
  2. Fresh Evil
  3. Ahahahahaha
  4. Waves of the Prophet
  5. Sup-Er-Kappa
  6. Timeless Modular Rhythm from Space V
  7. Double Roads
  8. The 花火 Leap
  9. Ghost of the Past
  10. Trouble (Forest Sprint)
  11. Eh Break
  12. All Is’well
  13. (CD and Bandcamp only Bonus track)

Label: The Hai

Genre: Triphop/Electro House/House/Deep House/TripHouse/Free Jazz/Jazz/Electronic

Release Date: 2/7 (CD is pre released on 1/31)

Runtime w/o bonus: 49:09:683

Cover Art:

Rekapping WP

Samples/preview of the album: (coming soon)
Locations for Availability (links coming soon):
Google Play
Xbox Music
Possible future release on beats music but we will have to see if the distributor allows for the distribution there.

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