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Rekapper – Summer Heat Blues Mixtape – Mixtape Fridays

Mixtape Fridays!!! –

New Rekapper mixtape today full of lush variety of sounds and tracks stuck in my head as of recent.  All sort of fitting that summer mood, between the morning consisting of hiphop and jazz. Which leads to the driving electronic dance music afternoons.  And the chillout and slowdown process to the end of the day and the end of Summer setting the part of autumn.  All as part of this Mixtape Fridays theme.

1.Mister Magic Lauren Desberg
2.Do Girls Theophilus London prod. Cid Rim
3.Preben Goes to Acapulco –Todd Terje
4.Already There (feat. Robert Glasper & Thundercat) – Taylor McFerrin
5.Asobi Track ft.Pigeondust – Bugseed
6.Au Naturale(free style) – Arµ-2 & RachardTheLocal
7.Moon Strut (intro) – Nujabes
8.B(ackr)oom sounds – tajima hal
9.Get.swung.on. feat. E-Dizzy [prod. NAMELESS] – stephmills experience – tajima hal
11.Luchini aka This Is It – Camp Lo
12.MyBlack BaBy#^?^#(REMIX) – Arµ-2
13.Colossus – Tyler, the Creator

14.J-EDM (Part 2)

15.春に (muzi9uest Remix) – 泉まくら
16.BLACK MOON RISING pt.4 – TeddyLoid
17.Theme For Scanty & Knee Socks – TeddyLoid
19.カゲロウデイズ – じん(自然の敵P)

20.The Breakdown (Part 3)

21.Ladyflash – The Go! Team
22.東京近郊路線図 – 泉まくら
23.pistachio talk feat.bashou(CBS) – tajima hal&percent c; toshiki hayashi
24.Still talking to youNujabes
25.PLS DNT LSTN – Taylor McFerrin
26.ß – Arµ


28.Continuum – Jemapur
29.The Guitar Song – Kuniyuki Takahashi
30.Synth & Scape [Rekapper Edit] – Hico

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