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Chick Corea and Gary Burton – Crystal Silence – And More on the Friday Review

If it isn’t for the weekly addiction for finding more jazz or just enjoyable music overall from classic famous composers and musicians, Crystal Silence from Chick Corea and Gary Burton probably leads for amazing material to sample from if you must but those piano skills and vibraphone skills are just stupendous and crazy amazing hall reverb where they recorded this at.

For something outside of the jazz realm, and more ambient I have a track from fuyuru0 (Unfortunately this track was removed).


And if that isn’t up to your tastes, I have a track I slyly pushed on soundcloud 2 weeks ago more on the jazzy triphop side, but it was mostly a demo piece as it needs alot of work to be the finished version, but I am pretty sure with the unfortunate push on Avid’s side with ProTools going back to it’s old shitty methods and following adobe’s shitty model for monthly payments to even get updates has left PT in the dirt digging it’s own grave now, so I am making the switch over to Cubase now since that feels by far the most familiar and who would have guessed, but works perfectly with all of my midi/usb controllers excluding the two shitty nano’s from korg where korg is quite shitty and won’t update drivers for windows 8.  Expect a post in the future further detailing the switch.


  1. No mixtape this week for friday, as I haven’t come across anything reasonable to share that was new, but I ensure at the least I will have an original one for this next week :D

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