Rekapping the best of Triphop

New Rekapper Tech and Review site in works & Several New Singles – More News Coming Soon

I am currently working on two new websites, one which will be tech / tech news / tech review oriented website:, and the other being a album and game review oriented website.  More news will come soon about the location of these sites and how I will tie it into the Rekapper (network) but I will probably write about in more depth on the tech site.  But as visible now all of the current Rekapper and The Hai sites are more dynamic and responsive then ever before mostly due to the help of moving from one server platform to another with a smooth transition and also due to a redesign like the recent mobile first Rekapper Studios site (which still needs a full width media query but that will arrive soon, factoring the primary visitors were mobile users in the first place).


As far as new music goes, I’ve been working on several singles that will hopefully be released throughout the rest of this year, maybe as an ep, but they are primarily in their starting phase right now as I am quite busy trying to locate both an internship/job and dealing with a final quarter of primarily 400 level classes.

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