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Snailhead The Image album cover

August 28, 2014
by Rekapper

The Hai Thursdays – Snailhead

This, The Hai Thursday features Snailhead:

A modern alternative British Rock star, with lots of features across The Hai artists and other projects.  Be sure to checkout his last album:

Eating Animals:

Snailhead Eating Animals Album Art

This album features Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack, TimZen, A Problem Like Maria, Das Beat, GH_ST, JW, MM, AB and DL.

Consists of lost of silly and shocking tracks like Nana’s Medicine and The Lost Russian Cosmonauts of the 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s.   But it also has the essences of amazing driving British Rock like Franz Ferdinand with tracks like Manchester Rain featuring Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack.  Or there is even darker rock oriented tracks like N.N.D and hip hop oriented fusion like on the title track Eating Animals.

He has also been featured on The Hai releases such as the She Cracked cover (originally by The Modern Lovers) which has that great retro rock sound that you’d only hear out of rock lobster on the So It’s Come To This album:


Or the crazy dark track with mattir: The Ballad of Tom ‘O Bedlam, perfectly creepy for Halloween theme from Hailloween

Hailloween - The Hai

Or his extremely fun and playful tracks like “The Ghost of Christmas Sex” or “I Just Can’t CTRL + F You” from the In and Out album or the Pop Songs album:

But he also has a nutty album of songs themed and inspired from parts of a 70′s movie called The Image which could have easily competed for the shortest rock album ever running at about 12 minutes in length worth a quick listen through and a download :)

Snailhead The Image album cover

I actually previously wrote a review for The Image album here.

Grandmaster Flash Screenshot

August 19, 2014
by Rekapper

Throwback Tuesday – Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash is the grandaddy of Hiphop and Rap and 80′s funk and I start you off with:

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five – The Message

This should be enough to explain Grand Master Flash and his influence on pretty much ever decent modern day rapper, focusing on a story rather then just whatever his complaints are for the day.  From the funky acid bass lines to the heavy claps across the percussion mix and the classic disco synth going off on percussive hits really fillout the background for Grandmaster Flash’s lyrical flow.

“It’s like a jungle sometimes,
It makes me wonder how I keep from going under.”


Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five – Its Nasty (Genius Of Love)

“Like dy-na-mite before it blows
Who needs a band when the beat just goes – boom!”

The only time in history in which flat-top haircuts were acceptable, but one of the earliest cases of turntables being featured even in the music video.  Across the funky beat and quick short scratches more as a percussive element it’s quite the stylish track.

Grandmaster Flash – Style 1986

While lower quality then the other two songs but most likely just because the lossy-ness of the converter from the vhs over to digital, the song is still quite enjoyable.

StratosFear - Profile

August 14, 2014
by Rekapper

The Hai Thursdays – StratosFear

StratosFear is one of The Hai‘s resident electronic dance music (EDM) producers who frequents tracks of sheer bliss in a Chillout and House like fashion.

Guru - Royalty Screenshot

August 12, 2014
by Rekapper

Throwback Tuesday – Gang Starr – Guru and DJ Premier

This week’s Throwback Tuesday features Gang Starr the duo of Guru and DJ Premier

Gang starr – Royalty

That video for sure sums up the hippest of the hoppest royalty beats that Primo could produce showcasing Latimore‘s – “Let’s Do It in Slow Motion” being slightly sped up on the early on samples of the track and then crisp vinyl scratch.  It also helped for sure that Guru has always been a grand master of rapping lyrics and flow.

FK – DWYCK remix

Fogpak 10 cover art

August 9, 2014
by Rekapper

Japan Saturdays – FOGPAK 10 [Review]

Checkout this new release from FOGPAK is a collection of great indie j-pop and EDM groups, often full of lush and busy music, perfect for a slow laid-back mixtape or djmix.