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April 21, 2014
by Rekapper

As I mentioned before I also have a website for mixing and mastering and I have kept some article separate for a while if you want to check out a direct link to the review, you can find it here:

But Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack ‘s album Let was by far my favorite release of 2013, because it was a strong suit of instrumentation and music writing and production skill showcase of his, and it also really sounds amazing on any medium.

[12:01] Jones: TIM



released 18 June 2013
■ LET (01 hr 04 m 56 s, recorded and arranged and mixed and all that stuff September 2012 to May 2013 in Denton, Texas) by:■ Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack (Tim): Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Programming, Production
■ A Problem Like Maria: Backing Vocals
■ Lawrence Brown: Korg Kaossilator
■ Clayton Woods: Doumbek
■ Patrick Montler: Upright Bass
■ Guests of the de Reuse household, Thanksgiving 2012: possibly while drunk, unaware that I was recording
■ Fenny/Josh/Mac: In there somewhere, inevitably – probably without knowing I was recording but almost definitely while drunk

■ And The Hai (matti, maria, eff-bee, strat, kappa, blingley, vik, snailhead, nmp, maxi, spoonin’ boys, and kent our forever watchful chinese overlord): assorted samples, feedback, moral support, advice, ideas, being fantastic people

■ Mastered by Parker Vogt/Rekapper

© 2013 Timothy de Reuse. All rights reserved.


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April 18, 2014
by Rekapper

Izumi Makura – My Room My Stage – A REkap review

泉まくら aka Izumi Makura.  My Room My Stage was probably the top selling rap album out of Japan in the end of 2013 but it’s not what you would expect out of ordinary rap albums.  Most of the beats across the album were even made by top of the line beat producers, but this album is very friendly and safe to the standard Japanese Pop sound that most peoples ears have grown to love.  Its not all  downtempo melodic pop choruses that you would expect out of a Jpop album either which is what makes this album and Izumi Makura so interesting to listen to.  Examples are included in the youtube playlist included below

April 14, 2014
by Rekapper

Tomggg – Pop Tunes and More – Part of the series of REkap’s by Rekapper

If there is one new artist you need to checkout this week, it has to be Tomggg and his great dance pop EDM music and great light but fun and exciting popish vocal work. Ultimately it has the feel of alot of vocaloid music but at the same time has a unique flavor you get out of chiptune oriented dance music but with this nice more ambient twist. A preview as to his musical style presented below:

Quite fun music to listen to with a full free album out at Maltine Records to checkout called Popteen, download the rar here:

He also has quite a lot of very unique and stylish artwork done for him like Popteen’s music cover on his tumblr:

Tomggg - Popteen cover

Tomggg – Popteen cover art

Equally if you want to find some his older works more piano friendly and some more melodic then even now you can checkout his release page from yaerecords:

April 1, 2014
by Rekapper

Rekapper – Erase

I have released a new short EP partially as a April Fools joke of a mixed session of my piano practicing on a Yamaha Upright.  Also because I thought ahead on this, it is released in 24/96khz in quad (4.0 with L+R+LR+RR).  For the quad version download it from dropbox:  Or you can download the stereo version from bandcamp:

Much thanks to Blingley for his great artwork he made!

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