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September 30, 2014
by Rekapper
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L A M O N T – Crescendo

This is one of those must checkout artists and tracks because the guitar beat works perfectly with the lyrics and the flow of L A M O N T.  Definitely the hit track this week across my Soundcloud dashboard shared from RachardTheLocal another glorious rapper who did an EP with Aru.  I can only expect more amazing tracks in the future from lamont

Be sure to checkout L A M O N T ‘s twitter


September 19, 2014
by Rekapper

Mixtape Fridays – Coldcut and DK [Solid Steel]

Coldcut’s Timber is almost entirely what got me into electronic music originally, not Daft Punk with electronic stuff, but the crazy cut up video that was done for this and I originally only heard of it in a mixtape.  Honestly without Timber, I would probably be creating metal or punk rock jazz music rather then the electronic fusion stuff.  Factoring that Coldcut’s release today of a mixtape for Solid Steel, I had to go about sharing the mix.

Ultimately if you pickout a lot of what I’ve shared so far as far as mixtapes go it’s often hiphop or jazz oriented or very heavy dance-ish stuff, often from Solid Steel, arguably my favorite weekly series of mixtapes whether that is in video or just audio form, sort of the perfect thing to throw on for pumping up a party or waking up in the morning if you’re over here on the west coast of the states.

From this mix, the tracklist consists of:

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September 1, 2014
by Rekapper

Rekapper News (Re:Kappa Temporary Free) and Featured in A Problem Like Maria’s Bandcamp Fan Spotlight

After a great and short review A Problem Like Maria wrote for my Re:Kappa album, her profile has recently been selected for the Fan Spotlight on


As part of the comedy of the experience of being featured there, the album is currently free!



Other News factors in I am currently working on a re-release and remix of the Erase album into two separate singles, featuring some fresh brand new drums I’ve gotten my hands on, so over the next month so be ready to hear more news about that and possibly talks are going on about a new The Hai compilation album.