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April 14, 2014
by Rekapper

Tomggg – Pop Tunes and More – Part of the series of REkap’s by Rekapper

If there is one new artist you need to checkout this week, it has to be Tomggg and his great dance pop EDM music and great light but fun and exciting popish vocal work. Ultimately it has the feel of alot of vocaloid music but at the same time has a unique flavor you get out of chiptune oriented dance music but with this nice more ambient twist. A preview as to his musical style presented below:

Quite fun music to listen to with a full free album out at Maltine Records to checkout called Popteen, download the rar here:

He also has quite a lot of very unique and stylish artwork done for him like Popteen’s music cover on his tumblr:

Tomggg - Popteen cover

Tomggg – Popteen cover art

Equally if you want to find some his older works more piano friendly and some more melodic then even now you can checkout his release page from yaerecords:

April 1, 2014
by Rekapper

Rekapper – Erase

I have released a new short EP partially as a April Fools joke of a mixed session of my piano practicing on a Yamaha Upright.  Also because I thought ahead on this, it is released in 24/96khz in quad (4.0 with L+R+LR+RR).  For the quad version download it from dropbox:  Or you can download the stereo version from bandcamp:

Much thanks to Blingley for his great artwork he made!

March 13, 2014
by Rekapper

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree – Boiler Room Live Set

One of the coolest combinations of artists providing bliss sampling material and a wild variety of noise music, to only start with Ryuichi playing the inner portion of the piano.
Check out the entire set on YouTube or in this embed.

February 28, 2014
by Rekapper

The Songs Stuck in My Head Mixtape

Ever have earworms or songs that have just been stuck in your head for months on end and pretty much impossible to remove the glorious beats out. I find the easiest method is sharing those tracks, and just for you guys as I promised earlier this week, there is a new Rekapper dj-mix.

The Songs Stuck in My Head Mix [2/28/14] by Rekapper on Mixcloud

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