Rekapping the best of Triphop

Thundercat – Drunk

Have you ever felt that there was a large lack of modern electronic funk music featured by an awesome bass guitarists?

Well Thundercat’s latest album Drunk should cover those issues for you from the funky melodies featuring Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald on Show You the Way, that has the love song of the 80’s sounds.  But tracks like Lava Lamp with Sounwave showcase a chiller more downtempo enjoyable sonic experience.  Or you get the crazy bass tracks that only Thundercat could focus on singing about his cat, and enjoying the sunlight and wanting to be his cat: Tron.  You also have Kendrick Lamar featured on Walk on By with a darker groove that feels like an oddly layer acapella overtop of the dark detuned funk track.  Alternatively there is Tokyo, that sort of has that 90’s JP video game sounds layered throughout it that fit almost as the perfect late night chill groove to drive to.  On the polar opposite, you have the Mono/Poly feature Friend Zone, which feels like a harsh dis-track, while providing dark vocals against Thundercat’s harsh but finally in-tune falsetto.  Them Changes assuming you hadn’t hear it before is a 100% must listen to track or even watch the great youtube video that went along with it.  The Flying Lotus features feel a little lack luster, and the album seems to have a few bad tracks on it but is otherwise quite enjoyable for a full listen which is why I rate it a solid 8/10

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