Rekapping the best of Triphop

Riow Arai featured Rekapper on his website:

Riow Arai featured Rekapper in a posting on twitter and his website; @

Checkout some of his music he has some amazing chill beats, and stuff that could never be produced here.

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Here’s a great example of one of his breakz, tracks. by riow


And here is the remix that I made of his work featuring Guru
Chaos X Overcircle (feat. Guru & Riow Arai) by Rekapper

Here’s what he had to say about it: “track from SURVIVAL SEVEN, ‘Over Circle‘. どなたかが作ったマッシュアップです。Guru様のラップが乗りました。”

Which google translator roughly translated it to: “track from SURVIVAL SEVEN, ‘Over Circle’. Someone made ​​a mashup. I rode like the lap of Guru.”  Im not sure about that last part but I’m guessing that really means “it features Guru”

One Comment

  1. Oddly It more accurately translates to:
    “Guru, the rapper I became use to”