Rekapping the best of Triphop

Calm – From My Window

For those of you jazzy mellow triphop/hiphop or peaceful ambient fans, Calm has released a new album called From My Window full of electro fusion jazzy mellow and peaceful enough to fill out this year of bad and boring releases otherwise.

Right now you can listen to parts of it that are avaliable on mixcloud for free:

Calm “from my window” (MUCOCD-027) – Focus Point Listening by Farr_Calm on Mixcloud

Calms group this time around includes the Moonage Electric and Acoustic Ensemble which perfectly fills out the nice blue jazz from the hard synth heavy ambience, almost like a surfing waves sound or something from The Planes series from Dexter Wansel


Be sure to check out this Calm album ‘From My Window’ as it’s the first in 5 years and feels like a nice medium between Haruka Nakamura and Uyama Hiroto but still unique too.

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