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Genre Generator the Android App | Out Now On Google Play

An Android App, written in Java, called Genre Generator is my latest piece of work available at:

Genre Generator

Genre Generator Icon

This app is a Music Genre Generator which has a fine wide collection of various genres to shuffle around and from to create some real genres like Surf-Rock all the way to wacky ones like Sunshine-Dubstep.  This is all built with the easy ability to share with the android intents so that you can choose where you would like to share it to. Equally it is built with the ability to share with the native twitter app or with the mobile website if you don’t have that installed. Eventually the list of genres will expand but currently there are over 5000 different combinations so try to come across something that has never been done before. I’ve even made it easy to just click the ‘Search Youtube’ button and you can checkout the listings on Youtube for that genre tied with the native google tools Youtube to avoid tying up your android device.

Genre Generator was all built around the concept that you could always use more genres to work with as a musician so that you could never get bored especially as an electronic musician. And maybe you can find something so obscure that you can make the first version of the genre ever or even challenge your friends to create it.

Here are some screenshots from the App running:

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