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Radio Silence – Album Updates – EDM

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for this blog, but I can assure you I’m still working on new music and new reviews.

As far as a new album goes, I’ve been quite heavily working on a more dance/edm/house oriented album, it probably helps having been hooked on EDM and Diplo channel on XM.  Although with those licensing costs, I wouldn’t bother using it past the free trial, Tidal still seems to be the way to go there except Android Auto seems to be a 50/50 on fully functioning for music and randomly not with Tidal.  I’ve heard the same case is true with Spotify and some of the other music players. So I might spend the time to write up an app that resolves some of the annoyances with Android Auto.

With the new album, the other key that I am working on which is for sure taking longer to do the before is using Vocaloid for vocals.  In the case, Primary preference for the voice would be Miku, but unfortunately currently with 5 that really isn’t an option outside of using older voicepacks so I guess it depends on the release date of the album.  That and the challenge of making more A/B/C/B oriented structured songs rather then my previous free jazz approach. I’m sure to some that will be missed, but I’m sure it will still be a major influence on it.  I would count on at least one single being released this year from that album, but no ETA at the moment, mostly want approval from other members of The Hai.

The radio silence has primarily been cause by being busy with work as to no surprise with a full time job would take up what used to be free time.  I would expect soon, probably this weekend, my top 10 of 2018 and brief review, maybe a minimix if I have extra time on my mixcloud.  If there is demand for it, I could start creating playlists on Spotify but I do dislike the 9999 song limit in the library on that platform.

In the mean time, checkout my old mixtape:

Recently on my mix deck has mostly been these two tracks

This track by Dua Lipa and Silk City, remixed by MK, clearly the remix is far superior.  Theres something addictive about that 4otf and that looping synth/piano rift.

And Pnau – Go Bang, which just has perfect instrumentation, really pumping tune to snowboard to for some odd reason or another.

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