Rekapping the best of Triphop

I must apologize

I must apologize as it has been over a month since my last update.  I’ll blame it this time on my full course load at CWU but equally on the fact that most of my work recently has been mastering music and even short indie films for various composers and artists.  My aim for this year is to release another EP by October, which I have not started on yet, but the first work in progress should be arriving soon as I’ve finally broken out of my usual writers block with ironically the help of Taylor McFerrin’s new album Early Riser, pretty cool jazzy EDM album:

On the note of new releases Ill have a review later today about New Motive Power’s latest release an awesome power rock metal album from the Brazilian duo.

And I also have hopes for another new The Hai compilation album either themed or not, maybe even a new unnecessary remix album within the next two or three months.  Hopefully I can motivate the rest of them on releasing some works together :)

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