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But Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack ‘s album Let was by far my favorite release of 2013, because it was a strong suit of instrumentation and music writing and production skill showcase of his, and it also really sounds amazing on any medium.

[12:01] Jones: TIM



released 18 June 2013
■ LET (01 hr 04 m 56 s, recorded and arranged and mixed and all that stuff September 2012 to May 2013 in Denton, Texas) by:■ Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack (Tim): Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Programming, Production
■ A Problem Like Maria: Backing Vocals
■ Lawrence Brown: Korg Kaossilator
■ Clayton Woods: Doumbek
■ Patrick Montler: Upright Bass
■ Guests of the de Reuse household, Thanksgiving 2012: possibly while drunk, unaware that I was recording
■ Fenny/Josh/Mac: In there somewhere, inevitably – probably without knowing I was recording but almost definitely while drunk

■ And The Hai (matti, maria, eff-bee, strat, kappa, blingley, vik, snailhead, nmp, maxi, spoonin’ boys, and kent our forever watchful chinese overlord): assorted samples, feedback, moral support, advice, ideas, being fantastic people

■ Mastered by Parker Vogt/Rekapper

© 2013 Timothy de Reuse. All rights reserved.


“Full Album Review Below

1. His Old Nature – This song takes you on the experience driven by his wild de-tuned chorused guitar and his speedy double time drums.  Hidden underneath the beauty of his vocal delivery is nice textures of the glitches and some ambiance taken from the reverbs of the guitars and his vocal doubling that keeps what is a very satisfying song overall connected and flowing into the next track.

2. amscray! – Quite possibly one of the most shifting songs on the album giving you the feel that everything is offset and out of tempo and yet it sounds like it still locks right into place.  Also it still has the same feel of His Old Nature but gives you the taste of a harsher more head pounding song then the prior.

3. let (1) – In this track you can feel Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack’s love for integrating nice mellow tones and harsh transients from his guitar with light soft synths to give you the feeling as the song progresses that it is not only building up to a larger fuller experience but a huge clearing. “hitch a ride up though a curving line…” Towards the later half of the song it breaks down into this sea shanty style tune much like Modest Mouse’s track March into the Sea but with a darker hint based on the lyrics alone.  And then to just build up again into a glitch fulfilling ending.

4. a line falls on two lines – Competing with any other foolery preformed on this album, this track starts out with fully but eerie laughing and a daunting guitar line and a nice touch of drums. Quite possibly my favorite track on this album.  More is left hidden later in this track for listeners to discover and enjoy.

5. thanks – With the great arpeggiated synth intro it gives you a hint that something is coming up with the factor that it only speeds up as it builds with more instrumentation.  Being the longest song on the album sitting around 13:38 in length, it’s quite easy to get lost into this track for the factor of its rises and falls.  It isn’t until 5 minutes in until Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack starts hinting at lyrical ideas with his glitched out conversation that you could only guess was part of Thanksgiving drunk dinner table as listed in the credits to the album.  Which droops off into noise and ambiance that you would only expect to hear on a Boards of Canada album but this being much more pleasant but with the daunting bells a minute further into it with someone who starts walking down the hallway of a cavern that brings you back into Water Gun’s tale and journey.  But the track builds right back up into this uptempo groove the first few tracks give while still having this unique dramatic groove much like that you might hear of a build from Radiohead but thousands of times better.  The factor that it builds into this massive song you can really feel the factor that while it sounds entirely like an album end-er from one of his previous albums it’s still connected enough to the beginning of the track with a hidden apreggiating line in the background to a huge explosion of sound at the end.

6. suspenduous – After a progressively building song this song gives you proper shivers and goosebumps as it builds up with the harsh overdriven tube bass-ish guitar and his voice sitting on top just like clouds in the sky. “suspend us from a mountain – hang us from the sky – and we’ll be fine” It equally has the taste of guitar vs. drums that you’d hear on a Grandaddy track

7. six + six = seven – The lowest point on the album to give you a sunken heart feeling and really the tastes of Texas style guitar.  Only to remind you that his specially is hidden behind his electronics of glitches.  If only his Major in Math could help him ‘find’ the answer to the equation.

8. at the end of the day you’re still fresh off the bus – With just the touch of the previous track left over flowing into the start of this song it gives you a hint towards the end of that long work day.  With his vocals coming in it could only remind you of that iconic Queen style back against front tracking vocals but with the proper method towards making it an end of night dance track.  The perfect track as you are closing out the club or stargazing or just ending your day heading home.  The end samples just sound like what you’d hear riding one of the older transit buses.

9. let (2) – Building back up as a whole track with his sitar style guitar playing and his 70′s rock guitar tonality together give you the perfect building pump up track for an workout.  Only to end suddenly to lead you into the next track

10. take care of yourself – The Second lowest point on the album giving you hints of something to come because of the lower rumbling and darker vocals.  With the percussion being driven back into the mix there are tasteful hints of what is a more tribal experience to somewhat of a hunt for something.  Only to suddenly build up as sort of expected but only to be length enough to think that it could have been an entirely different song but is so fluid with Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attacks track building that it works better as a whole.  The rest is left up to the listener to enjoy.

11. the mountain – A country twang finisher that is bright and cheery enough that it wants you driving for more only for him to thank the listeners!  The perfect closer to this entirely well rounded album.” – Rekapper

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