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Throwback Tuesday – MF Doom and Camp Lo

All of these tracks like MF Doom’s Hoe Cakes and Camp Lo’s Luchini have for sure been stuck in my head recently and I figuring starting up a throwback series with short comments would be interesting, while I am working on another The Hai artist’s album.

MF Doom – Hoe Cakes

Quite the throwback factoring that the spitty beatboxing beat over the top of the intro to Anita Baker’s famous Sweet Love.  And MF Doom, the Madvillain showcasing his Super, or so his excellency of rapping even in the monotone lulls, is just a straight continuous flow of finding odd perfect rhythmic rhyming.  The piano parts help fill out the background to this beat, and this track is for sure going in the next Rekapper mixtape.

MF DOOM – 3.214

Factoring that Doom’s Great Times was an instant classic for acapella rapping flows, but the beat was very lacking on the original Madvillain release of it.  Blame the great producer Madlib for figuring out that Matthew Larkin Cassell’s – Heaven would fit in perfectly just slightly speed up, which equally is part of the lofi niceness of the track, sure the Confucius saying on the next track also makes it feel like a joke track but this track maybe the ultimate start your day up track or wind down track.  All of his reference lines are perfectly lined up and timed out into the flow whether that was helped by the audio production or MF Doom alone, “Last wish: I wish I had two more wishes. And I wish they fixed the door to the matrix, there’s mad glitches”.


Camp Lo – Luchini

Blame the famous Adventures In The Land Of Music – Dynasty glorious horn lines for that sample that fills out the background of this Camp Lo track. And the horn stylings are very much similar to what you would find on an old Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass LP, with that sound signature.

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