Rekapping the best of Triphop

Rekapper – Rekapping Update and Short Self Review

Don’t forget to get the latest Rekapper album Rekapping on my bandcamp: or stream it from spotify:

It’s an album full of tasteful reworks and layered texturing that I had worked on over that previous year.  Starting off with the ambient but ever so jazzy Rhodes in Tripcrop to samplings of the Prophet VS on Waves of the Prophet.  To pumping house and dark workout tunes such as Sup-Er-Kappa (the bonus track on bandcamp is a remix and a vocaloid rework of Sup-Er-Kappa (Track 5)) and expect a separate preview of that track to release on soundcloud in the upcoming week available here.

The alternative side of the album leading with Double Roads, which A Problem Like Maria did an amazing job singing over her version of the track she listed it as featuring Rekapper, (which I’ll also share for a later post :), although I really like my distorted extended ending too, eventually Ill add that to Maria’s vocal version with her vocals on top, or maybe work in some Vocaloid stuff in too.  Then you have Fantastic Plastic Machine styling The 花火 Leap, with the depressing ending of the evening similar to the experience of every afternoon in Seattle.  Trouble takes the wheels as being one of the few remaining themes of drum and bass to my music over the jazz breakbeat, as I would love to do more uptempo music, but electronic free jazz has sort of taken over it’s place as of recent anyhow much like you hear in Eh Break. All Is’well rounds out the album much in the stylings of my favorite ambient artists, in the sense of overlying too many texture, but if only I could play guitar it would have been for sure a key element to the track too.  Overall I thoroughly enjoy my own album, and I’m sure a lot of you fans out there can find something on there or maybe something on my previous releases that you have enjoyed.


PS: I do have to admit I find it funny the play counts of Ahahahahaha always have been higher then other tracks, which I find quite funny myself.

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