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The Hai Thursday – Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack – I Don’t Know What You’re Worried About

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This The Hai Thursday features Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack‘s latest album titled:

“I Don’t Know What You’re Worried About”

1. Snarl Hideout:

While Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack starts the album on Buddy on his bandcamp, the true great starting track is Snarl Hideout. This is clearly a pun on the amount snare fusion and mashup of glorious sounds to give it that nice super tight snap across most of the percussion to even cause problems for Venetian Snares.  Ultimately this track is the true summer opener with it’s vast amount of quick but pop-ish breakdowns and light electric beach rock driven guitar work in showcasing his inner Texan or Beach Boys.  The bells and the chimes add a great variety of texture on top of the already pleasant drum work to make this the song thick and lush, but it is for sure a track where the mp3-120kbps version doesn’t cut it in the streaming version compared to the full flac.

2. No Fun:

This track is the perfect reminder that no fun should be allow, whether it is in the lyrics or in the melody or in the drum lines, because this is an all serious production.   Who am I kidding… No Fun has the funkiest combination of synths and guitar parts that make it entirely driving music something to enjoy why on the long summer night drive as the sun is setting on the beach side.  No further spoilers on this track allow, go listen to it.

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PS: The ending build-up shouting match is exceptionally creative

3. Jealous Machine:

80’s 808 kicks and tribal ethereal synths work so well hand in hand, that when Tim’s voice comes into play. It’s quite surprising the minimalistic buildup of the track into a super busy uptempo almost Cake like rock song. With just the right touches of rapping and speed up and over-layed vocal works which I can’t wait to see him doing live.  The sitar like droning and flanging synth really help characterize the song entirely as something new and not done before with this laying of textures, entirely unique but still a instant classic of WGWGSA tracks due to the progressiveness of the track.

4. U.S. RTE 380-W:

If the title doesn’t hint at driving on the interstates, the tracks lead arpeggiating synths and near drum and bass like rhythm clearly fallout to the guitar and the late night sky showing another classic case of the progs as we like to joke about.  The distorted robotic voice at the middle is entirely the perfect balance near the quiet section as it builds back again, almost feeling like the conclusion of the A side of the album.

5. Buddy:

Tim features this track on his bandcamp which really is like a B side opener into the second major part of the album only to scare away Squarepusher with his distinct chopped-up drum and grumbly bass kick sound.  A song almost filled of passionate anger in the intro of the track.  This all leads up into the album title and a driving rocking guitar fest, and as unpredictable as any other rock song by Tim, this really showcases similarities in his style compared to Radiohead and most of York’s projects.

6. Red Greens:

Arguably the most depressing track Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack has written, the near droning synths in the background layered with textures often heard across Royji Ikdea – Dataplex like tracks.

7. 380-E (…never far enough):

The C side of this album, this track really feels like the start up of the day as it starts off slow tying ends from the last track building into almost double the tempo by the end of the track by combination of Tim’s vocals and strong leading upbeat drums.  The guitar parts really fillout the texturing throughout the rest of the track more so then lead which really adds in lots of ways to focus on the track almost in the sense that it’s far too busy but in a good way.

“How do you know how to stop when you f*@# up”.

8. Almost Always

Track 8 almost has stylings that strongly remind me of his older album Let and I’m not entirely sure if that’s because of the bass synth and lighter drums and glitchier works, but the vocals are a great example of Tim’s wide range of stylings on his singing.  This could almost be a pump up track. It almost could.  Oddly thought the chords come across on the padded synths later that it’s actually a darker track then believable.

“It’s almost always enough.”

9. You’re a Riot:

Distortions of overdriven padded synths far in the background and the leading bass really make this song provide memories of a mixture of the Sounds of Texas and Mario 64 Sand levels at the same time for some odd reason.  The glorious part of the riot track blend from the sudden guitar chops and solos, and then the crazy vocal chopping going on in the background throughout the track up until the amazing jamming out of this world driven leads section 5 minutes in.  This only builds up to more complete madness at 6 minutes in with the touch of almost metal like vocals in which I have nothing to compare it to, other then the idm section after the main section to be very similar to another The Hai artist styles.  And then the breakdown is just as glorious really fulfilling your ears pallets.

10. (calm down, tim):

The outro.

11. Bonus track (H):

While working on mastering this film I kept coming back to this track because it was so addictive so be sure to support Tim (Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack) on bandcamp for his exceptional album at:

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