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Mixtape Fridays – Matt Berry & FK_Tribe

Mixtape Fridays is going to be a new series of mine, in which I share with you my favorite mixtapes of the week, and one historically favorite mixtape of mine, in the odd chance I go about making more of them I will also share them.

Matt Berry

For this week I share with you, a mixtape from Solid Steel by Matt Berry, and in case you are wondering, yes that Matt Berry the one who’s the second boss in the IT crowd.  He surprisingly has quite a few albums of music of his own, sort of folk pop jazz like music all on Acid Jazz records.

Much like my description he sort of has that older pop style going on with the more modern stuff trying to be the older psych rock of pink floyd but here’s an example of one of his earlier tracks.

If you didn’t know about his work in IT Crowd, you have to check out these short reel of clips from him:


FK @FK_Tribe

One of the leading acts and DJ’s behind Tribe Hydeout Productions operations of the late Jun Seba (Nujabes), often remixing stunning pieces for the collections and also quite the well known dj, you have to check out his Jazzy Brazilian mix for USEN.

Exclusive mix for USEN April 2013 by Fk on Mixcloud

He also has a great tribute track from the eternal souls event from this year (2014) worth a listen on his soundcloud.  Everything he does is solidly either pumping hot jazz or laid back mellow grooves all worth checking out across his discography of works.

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