Rekapping the best of Triphop

June 3, 2015
by Rekapper
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Blingley – impeRfeCtions

Check out the latest album released by good friend Blingley called “impeRfeCtions”, a soul filled distorted electronic triphop album: impeRfeCtions by Blingley Expect a proper Rekapper review coming soon.  Also I have a cool noisecore remix on the album :D.

March 1, 2015
by Rekapper
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Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack – Live Show on Youtube

Go ahead and check out Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack’s new youtube channel: full of great recordings of him preforming live electronic rock for the first time.  Here’s some example of a newer track perfectly modeled for live … Continue reading

August 28, 2014
by Rekapper
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The Hai Thursdays – Snailhead

This, The Hai Thursday features Snailhead: A modern alternative British Rock star, with lots of features across The Hai artists and other projects.  Be sure to checkout his last album: Eating Animals: Eating Animals by Snailhead This album features Water … Continue reading

August 14, 2014
by Rekapper
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The Hai Thursdays – StratosFear

StratosFear is one of The Hai‘s resident electronic dance music (EDM) producers who frequents tracks of sheer bliss in a Chillout and House like fashion.   Tracks such as “Lakeside” really showcase the blend of all high pitched but light … Continue reading