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August 28, 2014
by Rekapper
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The Hai Thursdays – Snailhead

This, The Hai Thursday features Snailhead: A modern alternative British Rock star, with lots of features across The Hai artists and other projects.  Be sure to checkout his last album: Eating Animals: Eating Animals by Snailhead This album features Water … Continue reading

April 21, 2014
by Rekapper
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As I mentioned before I also have a website for mixing and mastering and I have kept some article separate for a while if you want to check out a direct link to the review, you can find it here:

But Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack ‘s album Let was by far my favorite release of 2013, because it was a strong suit of instrumentation and music writing and production skill showcase of his, and it also really sounds amazing on any medium.

[12:01] Jones: TIM



released 18 June 2013
■ LET (01 hr 04 m 56 s, recorded and arranged and mixed and all that stuff September 2012 to May 2013 in Denton, Texas) by:■ Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack (Tim): Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Programming, Production
■ A Problem Like Maria: Backing Vocals
■ Lawrence Brown: Korg Kaossilator
■ Clayton Woods: Doumbek
■ Patrick Montler: Upright Bass
■ Guests of the de Reuse household, Thanksgiving 2012: possibly while drunk, unaware that I was recording
■ Fenny/Josh/Mac: In there somewhere, inevitably – probably without knowing I was recording but almost definitely while drunk

■ And The Hai (matti, maria, eff-bee, strat, kappa, blingley, vik, snailhead, nmp, maxi, spoonin’ boys, and kent our forever watchful chinese overlord): assorted samples, feedback, moral support, advice, ideas, being fantastic people

■ Mastered by Parker Vogt/Rekapper

© 2013 Timothy de Reuse. All rights reserved.


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April 18, 2014
by Rekapper
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Izumi Makura – My Room My Stage – A REkap review

泉まくら aka Izumi Makura.  My Room My Stage was probably the top selling rap album out of Japan in the end of 2013 but it’s not what you would expect out of ordinary rap albums.  Most of the beats across … Continue reading

相対性理論 – TOWN AGE – Rekapper Review

February 4, 2014 by Rekapper | Comments Off on 相対性理論 – TOWN AGE – Rekapper Review

相対性理論 – TOWN AGE

One of my favorite J-pop releases from Japan in 2013, sort of the light jpop sound you would expect normally, but it has just the right tasting of everything you could hope for including the instrumentation.  I generally don’t try and go out of my way to listen to artists like Soutaiseiriron but when you factor in crazy but simple artwork along with the music, it just makes it overall perfect.  It comes off as being a bit over cutesy but when you factor in that half of the jpop albums fail to get to that level this group has at least a few feet ahead of others.  Equally one of my favorite works for OP song for an anime was made by the lead singer, Etsuko Yakushimaru (やくしまる えつこ), featured in Arakawa Under the Bridge Opening track Venus to Jesus.  That entire anime was nuts and one of my all time favorite comedies, but that warrants its own post later.